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Bol do meethey bol, Sohni-ay, bhed dilon kay khol, Sohni-ay
4.46 882 votes
Rabb mujhe maaf kare (Sohni, meri sohni sohni)
4.46 882 votes
Teri meherbaniyan, teri qadardaniyan, qurban tujh pe
4.46 882 votes
Chitthi aai hai vatan say barhe dinon kay baad
4.46 882 votes
Naam (1986)
Rank: (1)
Chitthi aai hai, aai hai, chitthi aai hai
4.46 882 votes
Naam (1986)
Rank: (12)
Qasam kya hoti hai, qasam woh hoti hai
4.46 882 votes
Kasam (1988)
Rank: (16)

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