The Devine & Unknown: For Universe, Musical Nature &  for showering me with incredible blessings and luck. 

My Parents: For My Life, My Values and bringing me a transistor radio! 

My Family: Mona, Riya and Rohan for Inspiring me and being my pillars for all support and for all their love and care in my ups and downs.

My Mentor, Friends & Guides: Raaj Mehta, Idris Khajanchi, Prakash Hingorani, Ronnie Bose, Priyank Mohan, Harish Bhasin, Saurabh Bhasin, Ullas Menon, Himanshu Dave, Mona Shah & Rohan Shah for their creative inputs,suggestions, brainstorming sessions, design help and bringing this phase to fruition. 

My Keep Alive Family & Musical Friends All Over : For all the music we play and all the songs we sing together that brings unparalleled joy and camaraderie that motivates! 

My Extended Family & Friends From Other Walks Of Life : For being there for me whenever I need and for keeping me grounded with reality check whenever necessary!

My Team : Hare Krishna Dash & Sakshi Infoway team for running with my ideas and shaping it up!