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Lyrics of Dirt And Game

you plan for life, but you dont know
that life has other plans for you crech

why i didn’t see the signs
white lies had turned me blind
don’t cry
don’t shed a tear you crocodile
quiet, quiet, you i m becile

shake it out your mankind’s like a cooker,
you must push the button aaah…
screem that dos it talk, i’ll be around
yaah..yaah..yaah.. deserve to die
sleep tight beneath the grime
why why did you have to dent my pride why
my my you must be realy satisfied right?

shake it out your mind’s like cooker
you must push the button..aaah..
screem that dos it talk i’ll be around

my mind sin over drive
wide awake through the night

you plan for life, but you don’t know
that life has other plans for you czech

i’ll destroy my paradise
set fire to my paradise
say hi to the demons indide
it’s time to say goodbye