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Oct 14,2023

When Zeenat Aman Called Pre-Marital S*x 'A Terrific Exercise' & Rekha Said, "Those Saying Single Woman Should Have S*x Only On Her Suhaag-Raat Are..."

Bollywood actors never shy away from discussing their opinions and remain unabashed by trolls. While in 2023, s*x has become less of a taboo, in the 70s, it was a hush-hush topic. No one really talked openly about it except a few actors like Rekha and Zeenat Aman. An old interview of the actresses talking about pre-marital s*x has resurfaced on the internet, and it shows that the duo was way ahead of their times.

In an earlier interview from the 70s, the Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress and Rekha can be seen talking about pre-marital s*x. In the interview, the actress was asked about pre-marital s*x, and she said that it is a terrific exercise! She said, "Birds and bees do it, so why not men and women? Besides, it's a terrific exercise for keeping in shape–better than Bullworker any day."

The same publication also published Rekha's statement on the same. Rekha, who is known for always speaking her mind, said that pre-marital s*x is very natural, "It's very natural. And all those prudes who say that a single woman should have s*x only on her suhaag raat are talking bull! S*x goes with love. You can't come close, really close, to a man without making love. And that's the only time when a man and a woman are their most natural self when they are in their birthday suit."

This refreshing take on s*x from ages ago makes us realize how forward the Don actress and the Silsila actress were. Many netizens pointed out the same on Reddit. One user wrote, "Damn female celebrities were much more open in the 70s than now. Just imagine the outrage if a popular actress said something like this now," while another netizen's comment read, "Bro imagine the outrage on X (formerly known as Twitter) if someone said this out loud today."

Another comment read, "I feel like film magazines and film people used to be much edgier in the past."