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Oct 12,2023

Shah Rukh Khan: I Met Him For The 2nd Time & Everything They Say About Him Is True, Why Is He The Superstar He Is Today?

Everything they say about Shah Rukh Khan is true! I recently got the privilege to meet him for the 2nd time in my career & the tales of treating you like a king/queen despite the world labeling him King Khan are true.

He met my mother like she was his parent! "Kaise ho mummy ji aap?" he asked while hugging her. "Haath pair thande ho gaye aapko dekhke," she joked while he laughed & said, "Arey main bhi toh aapka beta hoon na!"

The stories of him being the 'BEST hugger ever' & 'the most good-smelling celeb' are authentic. You can smell from miles away that he has entered the room & no, I'm not talking about the aura of success he has had as an actor.

The way Shah Rukh Khan met everyone like we all were a part of his family not only proves a stamp of approval over what the world has already spoken about him but also teaches every single one of us the lesson of how humility is the first step in the journey of success.

If you think Shah Rukh Khan is a great actor & clever businessman, wait till you meet him for the human he is because that's his best version & yes everything they say about him is true.

Yes, he talked about Jawan for a while, but he also spoke about how we should all respect the women in our lives, making sure, as usual, that we learn some things apart from just getting entertained.

I’ve never been a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan because my profession doesn't allow me to, but yes, I've always respected the choice of films he has done & the cinema he owns. After meeting him, I truly sensed why he is the superstar he is today and why everything they say about him is true.