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Oct 05,2023

Shah Rukh Khan Bringing Ra.One 2 Back Post Jawan's Historic Success Makes So Much Sense! Prateek Befriending AI To Recover From His Father's Death & Shankar Bringing In All His Might

Imagine it's 2027 & Shah Rukh Khan has now delivered back-to-back blockbusters in Pathaan, Jawan, Dunki, Tiger vs Pathaan & has delivered 'seeti-maar' cameos in Tiger 3, War 2 & if god does all well with Ayan Mukerji, then Bramhastra 2 as well.

Yeah, yeah, we know the Scientist got a tragic ending in part 1, but there are a lot of ways they can bring him back. Will they, though? This is the question we should ask after Karan Johar says Tata (bye-bye) to the franchise.

Okay, that's a debate for some other day because today is 2027 Diwali & SRK fans are all set to swarm in the theatres, taking the same hopes they had back on the Diwali eve of 2011; today is the release date of Ra.one 2. Today, we will talk about a wild dream we secretly hope will come true four years from now.

The ahead-of-its-time dream that Red Chillies & Shah Rukh Khan envisioned needs to be resurrected because 2027 would be the perfect period to give a vision like Ra.one the platform it deserves.

The availability of the desired shooting material, the boost in the imaginative power of directors like Shankar (Robot 2.0), AI taking over the majority of jobs, and Apple launching Vision that's affordable for everyone, what else would Shah Rukh Khan's game character G.One want more?

Armaan Verma's Prateek Subramaniam (Shah Rukh Khan's son in Ra.one) has grown up & isn't much into video games apart from the few casual PS5 ones. He's into VR-AR & hence discovers a VR headset that becomes an integral part of how he lives & in which he designs his life in which his father, Shekhar Subramaniam, is still alive.

With the help of AI, Shekhar learns a lot about humanity & all its flaws and the mistakes we continue to make as a race, making him turn into a vigilante against the system. Who apart from Shankar could carry a film to be made on such a colossal scale & make sure it looks good?

If you take us back to 2011, I would give this to Sanjay Gadhvi, the man who gave us two of the coolest films back in the day - Dhoom & Dhoom 2. He could've brought an outstanding balance of both the visuals & emotions. Jawan's historic success has paved the Red Carpet for Shah Rukh Khan to go out there and make decisions with extreme caution.

Ra.One 2 is a wild idea, but if Red Chillies Entertainment thinks about this a little, Shah Rukh Khan could fulfill his age-old dream of creating a blockbuster film to remember him for AbRam Khan.