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Jan 10,2023

EXCLUSIVE! Not Just Bollywood | Vir Das on Landing: 'Good artists take their feedback, mouth shut and heads down'

In an exclusive conversation with Firstpost’s Lachmi Deb Roy, Indian actor and comedian Vir Das talks about Netflix’s Landing and on being the only comedian with four specials on Netflix. He literally raised the bar as an artist with Landing. Known for not repeating a joke, Vir Das truly knows his craft. Being a socially awkward person, he talks about how his personal and professional life are different and how he is close to his wife and just three other people.

 We have been waiting for a day like this to come for a very long time. It just started off literally as a word of mouth. We have all been waiting for digital to live and probably outlive us. Once you are touring, you are writing a good show every two years, but you are not, repeating jokes. And when you are done with two years of joke, you want that comic episode to rest and at the same time you want people to continue to consume it on You tube or Netflix. Earlier you had to be a really big comedian to go on HBO, George Carlin used to do that. But for little guys like me, it is nice to have a home for our jokes to outlive us.

In terms of it being my fourth special with Netflix, this has been my most global show. I have done 182 shows across the world. The central theme of the show is the notion of home.