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Sep 23,2023

Kangana Ranaut Warns "Accho Ke Liye Bohot Achi Aur Buro Ke Liye Bohot Buri Hu" As Troll Calls Her Khalistani Tweet 'Vile Nonsense'; Claps Back, "Keep Your Nonsense To Yourself"

When Kangana Ranaut enters the chat, one can see the sparks and the flames flying. That's what happened after she shared her latest tweet on advising the Sikh community to dissociate themselves from Khalistanis. A troll targeted her and called her opinions "vile nonsense." Scroll below for details as the Chandramukhi 2 actress claps back.

There has been a lot of tension between India and Canada, due to which the government has also suspended visa services with immediate effect. Amidst it all, Punjabi singer Shubh shared a controversial map of India that led to his cancellation by several Indian fans and celebrities. His Mumbai tour has also been scrapped due to his latest move. With You singer AP Dhillon and Sidhu Moose Wala's page came to his defence amid the boycott.

Yesterday, Kangana Ranaut shared a tweet on Punjab boycotting her films and the Sikh community and how the Khalistani terrorism makes them look bad. A Twitter user reacted to her opinion and quoted, "Ma'am, just like your vile nonsense doesn't tarnish all Hindus and Indians, a couple of Khalistanis don't define Punjab, India or the Sikh community. A state that has body bags coming home with probably the highest frequency, including 3 in the last month -- doesn't need a sermon on nationalism. Your tweet is laced with baseless assumptions and your own sense of personal grandiose."

To this, Kangana Ranaut clapped back, "You sure ? Don't you think 1984 anti Sikh riots were the results of Khalistani movement in Punjab, and because of handful of Khalistanis millions of innocent Sikh people suffered! For that matter whenever terrorists trigger any riots in any corner of the world it's the innocent people who suffer the most."