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Sep 20,2023

Amid Jawan's Global Box Office Success, Shah Rukh Khan Getting "Molested" By His Female Fans In An Old Video Goes Viral, Angry Netizens Say "Imagine If The Roles Were Reversed"

Nowadays, Shah Rukh Khan has become a trending topic for all the exciting reasons. Ever since his latest film, Jawan, hit the big screens, fans have been expressing their excitement for the superstar and his new movie. Amid all the love and success coming Jawan's way, we recently came across a throwback video of SRK's female fans getting unnecessarily close to the actor. Yes, you heard that right!

Recently, a Reddit user took to the platform to share an unseen and old video of SRK being showered kisses by a sea of his fans who can be seen around the superstar. Scroll down to know more details about it.

The old video sees Shah Rukh Khan, who's surrounded by the ocean of his female fans, wearing a black round-neck shirt, which he paired with black sunglasses. While some of his crazy fans can be seen pulling and pushing him towards themselves, others can be seen forcefully planting a peck on his cheeks. A user shared his clip on Reddit and captioned it "SRK molested by ladies".

Commenting on the video a user wrote, "This is embarrassing. Have they heard of the word consent. And this only 2 years after covid, unbelievable." While another said, "Imagine if the roles were reversed."

A third netizen wrote, "More than molested, bro is getting trampled in the crowd."

A fourth one commented, "They assume that men like it so why be ashamed .. its like men are just sitting there waiting for women to do this whenever it pleases them. Sexist."

A fifth wrote, "Consider this: just one move in anger by him would cause articles & debates about him...he didn't have a choice but to stay calm and not react..as he said in AIB Podcast that AB Sr. told him now that you're a star, anything you'd do you will always be in the wrong."

Another comment read, "Dude I love srk but I would never everrrrr do this to him or any of my fav actors. Why would you kiss someone without their consent leave alone touching? He is clearly so uncomfortable. Also, this is not about gender reverse thing. From both perspectives this is wrong only. No one should suffer touching-kissing without consent."

On the work front, after tasting massive success with Pathaan and Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan will end 2023 on a bombastic note as he will arrive with Dunki on Christmas.