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Sep 19,2023

When Akshay Kumar Said "Why Do They Always Feel Comedy Below, Being An Actor" Slamming Bollywood & Anupam Kher Added "Ye Sirf Hindustan Mein Hota Hai"

Time and again, we have seen wh'’s who of Bollywood taking a dig at Awards in the industry. While many have called other actors out for accepting awards, many have often refrained from accepting awards. Recently, a Reddit user took to social media to release a video of Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher where they are seen talking about the industry not taking actors doing comic roles seriously.

The clip has been shared online and it's been going viral for all the right reasons. Currently, the actor is making headlines for his upcoming film Mission Raniganj. Scroll down for details.

The viral clip opens with Akshay Kumar telling Anupam Kher, "Jo romantic film kare toh usse best hero ka award diya jaata hai. Lekin aap agar comedy karo toh aapko best comedian ka role dia jaata hai. Aisa kyu nahi hai ki usse best romantic hero ka role diya jaaye." Adding to what the superstar said, Anupam Kher added, "Akshay hamare desh mein 99% award jo hain who Television events hai isiliye unko jitney saare log stage pe aajaye, jitney saare log Television mein capture hojaye, utna accha hai."

Akshay Kumar is further heard saying, "Why do they always feel comedy below, being an actor. You know it comedy is a very tough job. It is next to impossible. Adding to the same, Kher adds, "Ye sirf Hindustan mein aisa hota hai. Bahar kisi mulk mein aisa nahi hota hai. Agar aapne comedy mein main role kiya hai toh aapko best actor ka award dete hain."

Soon after the video went viral, netizens gave their two cents on the same. Commenting on the video a Reddit user wrote, "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Bollywood's attempt at comedy films has been nothing less than tragic for the last decade. Yes, there have been a few good films here and there, but most of them are neither funny nor creative. Copy, paste scenes. No effort. Real comedians aren't respected. Rajpal Yadav talks about this in some shows."

While another said, "Yup, in india only serious roles are given credit. Akshay still is most versatile actor who has done every genre movies and never carried image of doing only one type of roles."

A third user wrote, "True , people here don't think comedy is more challenging than crying on screen , u can act physco but u can't act comedy, it is a rare gift to those who have."

Coming back, what are your thoughts on the same? Do let us know.