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Sep 16,2023

Shah Rukh Khan Saying "Jab Meri Film Release Hoti Hai Us Din To Eid Hoti Hai" Gets Misquoted By KRK Alleging SRK Took A Dig At Salman Khan, Netizens React, "Tu Nalla Hai Or Nalla Hi Rahega"

Shah Rukh Khan took over cinema fans last night at Jawan's success meet, where he answered everything the media asked. During the press meet, a regular query was regarding his film Dunki, and the superstar clarified that he indeed is coming on Christmas.

However, one of his quotes regarding Eid has been misquoted on the internet with fans alleging that the Pathaan actor took a dig at his best friend and Tiger 3 co-star Salman Khan and his Eid releases.

This misquoting started from the famous Twitter account of KRK who took a direct dig at Salman Khan as usual and while Shah Rukh Khan said, "Jab Meri Film Release Hoti Hai Us Din To Eid Hoti Hai," KRK tried tweaking the context of this statement and asserted, Shah Rukh Khan said, he does not need an Eid for his films.

Now, we all know who celebrates Eid with his releases. KRK tweeted, "Hahaha what a shot by SRK! He said, I don't need to release my film on EID to make it HIT. Whenever my Film does release, that day becomes EID. Budhaoo Ki Kahkar Leli." This enraged the netizens, who decided to put things into perspective.

Except for a few, the rest understood that the self-acclaimed critic was trying to initiate a fan war between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan fans. Netizens started putting SRK's statement into context and shot brutal digs at KRK.

A user commented, "KRK tu nalla hai aur nalla hi rahega." Another comment read, "Bro he said when his movie get released it's like a EID for him, he never said he doesn't needs to release it on EiD..get a life bro." Another user pointed out, "Context smjho be- he was saying, I came in national holiday- independence day, janmastami- Hindu festival, dunki- christmas- Christian festival & whenever his movie comes it's celebrated as Eid h. He just wanted to say secular n indian. Celebrating all festivals."

A comment read, "srk jhoot bol Diya or krk usko Dil pe leliya." A user took a dig at KRK and wrote, "He keeps doing it nonstop at every occasion but in the end it all sounds cheap."

A user dug up an old tweet by KRK where he predicted the future of Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan, calling it a flop, and shared a screenshot of his tweet.

For the unversed, Shah Rukh Khan recently talked about his films releasing on National Holidays and creating a festive environment. He pointed out how his releases are interestingly on different festivals of different religions as he talked about National Integrity. This was easily tweaked by KRK.